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Single Phase UPS

Power rating/ Model No. : 5 / 6 / 7.5 & 10 kVA

Model Nos: PE1105L15 / PE1106L15 / PE1108L15 / PE1110L15

INPUT Voltage Range : 160-280V

Frequency: 50 Hz ± 5%

Power Factor: 0.83

Connection Type: Terminal Block

OUTPUT Voltage: 220V/230V

Power Factor:0.8

Efficiency (AC-AC): >85%@Full Load

Frequency: 50 Hz (Default) , 60 Hz (Optional)

Waveform : Pure Sine Wave

Transient Response:<8(10%~90% Linear Load) 

Voltage Harmonics: <3% Linear Load

Overload Capacity:100 to 110%-10 min.,110  to 120 %-2 Min., 120 to 150%-30% Sec;150 to 200%-1sec;200 to 300%-50msec; >300%:20ms

Crest factor: 3:1

Voltage regulation:±1 %

Frequency regulation:±0.05Hz

Connection Type:Terminal Block

Overload Audible Warning:YES

LED: Yes #Output High/LOW# Mains High/Low

LCD: Yes # Input & Output Voltage & Frequency # load %


Parameter:# Output  Overvoltage/Under voltage,Overload,Short circuit

Ports : Yes (Optional)

RS232/USB Port ,Ethernet


Transfer Time

0 msc 

Caster Wheels: Yes

Operating Environment:0-50 cels.

Operating Relative Humidity:(5%-95%) Non –condensed

Storage Environment:0-75% cels.

Storage Relative Humidity:0-95%

Protection Class:IP20

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