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ONLINE UPS for Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Machine

Online UPS for Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Machine UPS, UPS for Hospital, Medical Instruments UPS, UPS for Printing Machine Industry
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Applications of Online UPS:

1. Laser Cutting Machine UPS
2. CNC Machine UPS
3. VMC & Sortex Machine
4. Textile Machinery, Rapier Loom UPS
5. MRI, CT Scan Machine for Hospitals
​6. Offset & digital printers
7. Process automation
8. Vertical milling machines
9. Multiplex and cinema halls
10. Pharma processing
11.  Research labs​

The UPS is utility friendly and generator compatible and prevents the overrating of electrical wires, reduce reflected harmonies back to the source.

Designed for harsh electrical and environmental conditions this model is a long life design;. offers superior levels of protection against all the input power-related problems and provides regenerated, clean, network grade, high quality power to the connected loads.

Industrial design - Designed to handle high inrush current and the transformer is designed to handle the load harmonic current which heats up the inverter transformer.

Make  & Brand           : ProtekG

Models & Capacity    : 5.0 kVA to 200 kVA
Minimun Order Qty : 01 Unit
Backup Time              : 10 minutes to 240 Minutes as per Battery AH Capacity
Price Range                : Rs 40,000-10,00,000  (without battery)

Topology                       :3IN 3OUT (3P+N+G ) Star/Star with In-Built Isolation Transformer

DC Voltage                   : 180-384VDC (As per Model)

Voltage range               : (AC) 415V ±15%

Frequency                     :50± 10% (With Isolation Transformer)

Input Power factor     : 0.94 Lag

Charger Topology       : Constant Current Constand Voltage (CCCV)

Electrical Connection : Terminal Block


Voltage                           :415V ± 1%

Frequency Regulation : 50 Hz ± 0.05

Load current                 : Rated KVA X 1.2 Amp / Phase

Wave Form                    : Pure Sine wave

Transient Response     : < 8 (10% -90%) Linear Load

Voltage harmonic         : <3 ( Linear Load)

Overload Capacity       : 110% for 10 mins, 120% for 2 mins, 150% for 30 sec, 200% for 1 sec

Crest Factor                  : 3:1

  • Output Over Voltage

  • Output Under Voltage

  • Current Over load

  • Input Voltage Low/High

  • Output Short circuit

  • Battery Over Voltage/Under Voltage

  • Thermal Protection​​


Efficiency         : >95%​

Transfer Time : 0 milisecond

Static bypass    : Yes, Available

Cabinet             : Uni-Directional Castor Wheels

Extended battery Charging : Optional

Operating EnvironmentTemperature : 0-50 degree Celsius

Operating Relative humidity               :5-95% ( Non Condensed)

Warranty: 2 Years On-Site 

Annual Maintenance Contract: Optional

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