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About Us

  • ProtekG incepted in the market since 1996 as "PROTEK ENTERPRISES" with the clear vision to provide "proactive solutions" in the Advanced Electrical and Power Electronics domain integrated with Manufacturing, Sales and Service.

  • We are better called as a "SOLUTION DRIVEN COMPANY" in the Electrical and Power Electronics Industry.

  • We believe in becoming a solution partner with a process driven concept to integrate the most economical engineering with the best opted solution along with total attitude and discipline.

  • We work to give our 100% to our prospects,customers & clients.

  • Since 1996, our customer base has expanded vastly to include loyal customers across the country. Our extensive client list is an acknowledgement of the immense trust our clients place in our products and service. We are highly determined to enrich the lives of our customers by providing them the highest quality power conditioning products.

  • This aim shall continue to drive us as we constantly gear up to evolve into a bigger, vibrant and stronger company from within.

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